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The Helpdesk & Response Times

Vale started operating its 24/7 Helpdesk, thereby taking an extra step in ensuring a professional response to requests made by its clients.The two ways that requests are acknowledged and handled are either by phone or email. The email response is only in use during normal working hours and therefore suitable for incidents that are not time critical. The Phoneline is active 24/7, suitable for all requests but especially helpful when there is an emergency and response is required urgently.

Once a request is logged via our helpdesk, it is allocated a target response time frame.

  • An emergency response is allocated a 4 hour emergency response time frame
  • An urgent request is allocated a 24 hour urgent attendance time frame
  • A standard reactive job is allocated a 1-3 day response
  • A quoted or larger scale project, can be anything from 3 days onwards obviously depending on the works required.

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